Lady Jags, Bermuda battle to exciting draw

CONCACAF Women’s World Cup Qualifiers…

Guyana’s senior female football team, Lady Jags managed to scrape a point in the first of their CONCACAF Caribbean World Cup Qualifiers by drawing 2-2 with Bermuda on Wednesday evening at the National Track and Field Centre, Leonora, West Coast Demerara.

Both sides had their fair share of chances, but it was the Lady Jags who would be left to rue not capitalising the most.

Bermuda wasted no time announcing their arrival as Teyah Lindo, who had a double in the match, marked her first in the fifth minute with a right-footed shot from 40 yards out which was picked up late by custodian Natalie Nedd as she was beaten into the back of the net.

Immediately, Head Coach, Dr Ivan Joseph and his master plan of producing a “defensive master class” took an early dent.

Mid-fielder Brianne Desa looked the most dynamic player on the field bringing life to the Guyanese attack with some challenging offensive runs and it was no surprise when she levelled the score, with some nimble footwork before unleashing a powerful shot off the right boot just outside the box in the seventh minute.

The pendulum was now swinging the locals’ way, and Bermuda who were touted to be the Jags’ biggest test had the Guyanese working overtime.

Their second came again, not by an outstanding play, but rather by an elementary free-kick which Lindo took just on the outskirts of the 18-yard box in the 11th miniute which had Nedd, once again, beaten by flight.

The appreciative and boisterous audience was silenced and for the next passage of play, it seemed we already knew the victors. Given this is the first step to a trip to the 2019 World Cup in France, the ladies began showing some fight. They could have brought it level, but Calaigh Copland missed a cross from the right flank just on the cusp of half-time.

Forward Cameo Hazlewood had her presence felt more in the penalty area with thoughts set on the critical equaliser in the second stanza. A more physical battle was now ensuing and the Jags drew a foul just on the edge of the box.

It was a free-kick. The fans knew the importance of it and not a sound could be heard. Hazlewood chipped and sent a ripping bullet to the right which the goalkeeper, Micah Pond, parried into goal in the 58th minute.

Tensions became high, but the tired legs saw many of the final rushes to goal lacking intensity which left the result unchanged.

In the earlier match, Barbados defeated Suriname 2-1 led by goals from Catilyn Padmore in the 2nd minute and Felicia Jarvis in the 48th minute; Suriname had equalised in the 20th minute, compliments of Saffira Hoogdork.

On Friday, Barbados battle Bermuda from 17:30h followed by the hosts and old foes, Suriname, from 19:30h.

Guyana’s starting XI: Natalie Nedd, Nikita Persaud, Sydney Cummings, Jade Vyfhius, Cameo Hazelwood, Alison Heydon, Brittany Persaud, Mariam El-Masri, Calaigh Coplan, Collette Hope, Brianne Desa

Bermuda’s XI: Micah Pond, Victoria Davis, Marley Christian, K’shaela, Akeyla Furbert, Khyla Brangman, Deshae Darrell, Teyah Lindo, Jade Hill, Keeunna Dill, Jade Stewart.



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