Hornets sting Caribs to claim inaugural Carnival Title

The Pepsi Hornets held off a tough Caribs side to claim the inaugural title when the Carnival Seven’s Rugby tournament took place on Sunday at the National Park Track and Field Rugby playfield.

Hornets emerged victorious 12 – 10 after drawing first blood early on when Rickford Cummings got into the end zone. His effort was successfully converted by his captain, Ryan Gonsalves.
Cummings made his presence felt once again as he scored the second try with a breakaway run. Gonsalves then made it two for two with the conversion, to put Hornets ahead 12 – 0 heading into the final half.
Hornets, clearly the better side in the first seven minutes, found themselves on a different end of the barrel when play resumed.

Caribs came storming back, with Richard Staglon scoring the first try for his side. However, his effort was not converted, but some life was breathed back into the Caribs’ offence as Claudis Butts stormed to the end zone and scored, bringing the game within just one successful possession, 12 – 10.
Unfortunately for the Caribs side, Butts’s effort at converting failed, and Hornets held off a good scare as the regulation time whistle quickly approached.
Following the event, Gonsalves said he was happy with the win, calling it “crucial” for his club, since they were the hosts of the event.



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