Bounty Colts headed to Suriname

Three-time Road to Mecca Champions Bounty Colts will be travelling to Suriname this weekend to participate in a five-team invitational tournament sanctioned by the Suriname Basketball Association (SBA).
As such, Bounty Farm Ltd has found it appropriate to continue injecting sponsorship into the already successful team.

Speaking on behalf of Bounty Farm, Manager Andrew Xavier noted that the company saw the need for sponsoring athletes and it was happy to be doing so. “Their chances are good and we’re always happy to support worthy causes especially when it comes to athletes. ‘Cause you know in Guyana, athletes need quite a bit of sponsorship when it comes to these events.”
The Colts and Bounty Farm have had a fruitful relationship for over 10 years. “I think it’s going to be a very great partnership; I can see it going on for much longer in the future,” Xavier stated.
Acting on the Colts’ behalf, Shelroy Thomas explained that the team has a very good chance of coming out victorious in Suriname. “I think that we can extend our dominance overseas, so this trip to Suriname will definitely give us that opportunity and we’re looking for it.”
The team are grateful for the company’s continued support over the years. “I know the players will make the most of the trip and we thank Bounty Farm on behalf of the Colts Basketball Club for their contribution,” Thomas said.


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