Edghill lands Portugal training stint

Guyana’s female table star Chelsea Edghill has another chance to add to her blossoming career since landed in Portugal on Monday for a training and Internship at Club Ponta Do Pargo Madeira.

The talented racquet wilder who is a scholarship student at the Lindenwood in Missouri, plays on the intercollegiate circuit in the United States.

As part of her quest to explore professional sojourn engagement the internship will last for 6- 7 weeks where she will play and train with high level players and coaches work with junior players and play in competition and matches representing the club
She will take a break to represent Guyana at the 2018 South America games in Cochabamba, Bolivia May 28 – June 8 along with her team mates Natalie Cummings and Trenace Lowe.

Her stint will extend from the South America Games where she would travel back to Portugal to continue training and internships duties until July 2nd 2018 where she will depart club in preparation for participation at the Central America and Caribbean Games Barranquilla Colombia.

She was invited by Celeste Araujo, Director of Sports at Club Ponta Do Pargo Madeira Portugal who also serve as trainer and Gilberto Garrido, Club Manager to who saw her play in the nationals of the inter collegiate championships and were very impressed with her level of talent.

Club Ponta Do Cargo Madeira Portugal are the 2018 division two league championships winner in Portugal, Portugal have highly competitive leagues with high skilled players.


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