– “Lady Jags” Had “Pleasant Showing”
– Team Objectives Remain The Same For Match Against Suriname Tomorrow

26th April, 2018, Georgetown: The Guyana National Women’s Football team, known as the “Lady Jags”, started off with a 0 – 0 draw against Grenada in their first match of the CFU Women’s Challenge Series at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Trinidad and Tobago.

The match played in very sunny weather, saw the relatively young “Lady Jags” giving a good show of their skills and creating multiple scoring opportunities.

Head Coach Dr. Ivan Joseph said he was satisfied with the team’s performance: “It was a good day today. We started off strong, we created multiple chances. We were easily the most dangerously offensive team. I think I lost count at four cross bars. We were in and were able to break down their backline several times but we didn’t quite have the composure to finish those chances.”

Dr. Joseph noted the performance of some team members while highlighting the multiple goal-scoring opportunities: “We had some pleasant showings: Lakeisha Pearson did a really nice job, she’s shifty on the ball, she’s pretty silky, had two great opportunities, she hit a cross bar from up-close, created several goal-scoring opportunities, that’s somebody we’ll keep a really close eye on. Annalisa also did a really nice job and got some starts. Young keeper, 15 years old, did an exceptional job. Tiandi came off the bench and did a pretty good job.”

Looking ahead to tomorrow’s match against Suriname, the Head Coach said the objectives of providing playing opportunities for player evaluation remains the same. “For tomorrow, we’ll try a new formation, have the players listen to the coaches’ directions, and have them try to execute then our evaluation will be based on: Were they coachable? Were they flexible and adaptable and were they able to respond to the training environment that was created? Did we see it play itself out on the field?”“The general mood of the team is very positive, they are very upbeat, Dr. Joseph said. “They know they created multiple scoring chances on the match against Grenada. They recognize they didn’t capitalize on them but they know there are in a position to be successful and they like what we are doing and what we’re building on.”

The “Lady Jags” were engaged in a high performance session last evening led by Brian Finniss, Head Performance Manager, which focused on the importance of diet and sleep and were engaged in recovery and team building sessions today. They will be engaged in their final training session before tomorrow’s match at 16:30hrs at the match venue.

Following tomorrow’s match, Guyana will play host Trinidad and Tobago on Sunday, 29th April at 17:30hrs. All matches will be held at the Ato Bolton Stadium.


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