President Wayne Forde Conducted Successful Community Visit

29th August, Georgetown: The President of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF), Wayne
Forde, has appointed Andre Charles as a “Football Ambassador of the Village of Paramakatoi” on August 28, following his visit to the community from the 26th – 28th August.

Forde’s visit to the Region 8 community was on invitation from the Minister Within The
Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs and Patron of Women’s Football, Hon. Valarie Lowe.

In a letter to Mr. Charles, Forde said: “I left your village with a renewed sense of purpose, clarity and direction. The many wonderful memories and inspiring moments I took with me will be cherished for the rest of my life. Your beautiful Paramakatoi is a picturesque village that is second only to the warmth of its lovely people.”

The appointment is for one year and as part of Mr. Charles’ responsibilities are:
1. Attending meetings with the Sports Council as a representative of the GFF President
2. Attending GFF’s Congresses
3. Welcoming visiting officials to the village on behalf of the GFF President
4. Traveling with the GFF President to Regional events
5. Promoting the beautiful game of football through out the region

During the visit, the president and Minister witnessed community football matches and also interacted with the villagers.


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