Executive Committee Member of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF), Dion Inniss, conducted a successful fact-finding mission in Region 1 as the GFF seeks to expand its membership in response to the interest expressed by the residents of the Region.

This two-day visit was held from the 15th July and covered a number of villages including Mabaruma Settlement, Silver Hill and Hosororo and discussions were also held with Mr. Barrington Ward, Municipal Clerk of Mabaruma, who promised to provide support in the form of ground upgrade and maintenance.

In an invited comment, Inniss said the communities expressed great interest in organized football development and the need for capacity building to enable the process: “The persons I met were very pleased with the visit and felt that it is long overdue. In my interaction with the clubs, they were updated about recent developments in local football and the benefits which can be derived from being a well-organised unit, such the training of players, referees, and administrators.”

Inniss added that the offer of support provided by Mabaruma’s Municipal Clerk is particularly encouraging and provides a platform for even more engagements and outputs from the region.

As part of the outreach, footballs were presented to the group from Hosororo and copies of the GFF Constitution were also distributed to the groups engaged to enable the communities to be aware of the structure and requirements for affiliation to the GFF.

In the coming weeks, outreaches will also be made to Port Kaituma and Moruca This visit was made on the heels of an announcement by President Wayne Forde that Region 1
will become a Regional Member Association and the inclusion of one player from Moruca in the male National U15 team.



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