Guyanese FIFA referee Sherwin Moore and FIFA Assistant Referee Trevor Porter will officiate at the finals of the Scotiabank CFU Men’s Caribbean Cup, scheduled for the 22nd
– 25th June, 2017 in Martinique.

Stanley Lancaster, Head of the Guyana Footfall Federation’s (GFF) Refereeing Department said this is a positive step for Guyana: “It shows that we have the quality referees to officiate at the highest level. We’ve seen Kevin Stephens done his part at the CONCACAF U17 finals in Panama and now we’re seeing Trevor Porter and Sherwin Moore participating in the Scotiabank finals in Martinique. With the developmental programmes that we now have in place, we should see more of our officials moving from the national programme to competing among the best in our region. Congratulations to the two match officials, we offer our complete support and wish them well throughout the tournament.”

Moore along with Trevor Porter, Venton Mars and Sherwin Johnson formed a Guyanese quartet that officiated in several rounds from the commencement of the Caribbean Cup tournament in 2017 leading up to the final. Moore’s appointment also follows his participation in the final round of the Caribbean Club football championship in May as a fourth official.

The four teams vying for the top spot are Jamaica, French Guiana, Curacao and host Martinique on June 22 with the Jamaica / French Guiana match on at 18:00hrs and the Curacao / Martinique match on at 20:30hrs. The final and third place game will take place on Sunday June 25, 2017 where the opening day looser will come up against each other in the third place game and the winners contest the final.

The four Caribbean Cup final round teams have already qualified for the 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup to be played in July. This tournament will be used to crown a Caribbean Champion.


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