WDCA T20 Fixtures for this weekend

The tournament continues this weekend. No games are schedule for Sunday as teams are asked to come out and support a fun raiser which is planned by the WDCA and also be entertained by two T20 matches.

The second match will be the main event, being it is the finals for previous T20 tournament. The match is being played by Zeeburg SC and Sawpit XI. Sawpit XI will be playing in their first finals and will look to overcome the confident West Coast side.

Fixtures for this weekend WDCA T20 are:

Saturday 29th April, 2017

  1. Windsor Forest vs CI at Windsor Forest – 13:30 hrs
  2. Umpires: A. Singh and S. Samad

Monday 1st May, 2017

  1. Mc Gill Superstars vs Long Pond at Wales – 09:30 hrs
  2. Wales vs Multi Culture SC at Wales – 13:30 hrs
  3. Umpires: M. Ernest and N. Shivsankar

  4. Christ Ambassadors vs La Grange at Belle Vue – 09:30 hrs
  5. Belle Vue vs Malvern at Belle Vue – 13:30 hrs
  6. Umpires: S. Samad and C. Persaud


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