Cricket returns to Georgetown this weekend

After lengthy delays due to the persistent rain, cricket is slated to make a timely return to the environs of the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA).

The semi-final of the New Building Society (NBS) second division 40-over competition will be played at the Everest Cricket Club where the home team takes on Transport Sports Club (TSC) under the charge of umpires Mikowanyah Yosef Yisrael and Deon Feassal from 11:00h on Saturday.

The Carib Beer first division T20 tournament will finally get underway on Saturday with the University of Guyana playing away to the formidable defending champions Demerara Cricket Club (DCC) with umpires Ravishwar Latif and Ryan Banwarie.

Over at the Police Sports Club (PSC), the home team will face Guyana National Industrial Company (GNIC) and with umpires Andre Hurry and Matthew Kissoon calling play.

Hoterence Isaacs and Joseph Jeffrey will be in the middle as Guyana Defence Force (GDF) travels to the Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) to play the home team while Malteenoes Sports Club (MSC) hosts Ghandi Youth Organization (GYO) with Javed Persaud and Moses Ramnarine doing the umpiring duties.

On Sunday, Banwarie and Isaacs will be officiating as DCC hosts GNIC while over at PSC, the lawmen will face a challenge from TSC with Persaud and Feassal in the middle.

Everest will entertain GYO with Mario Nicholls and Andre Hurry doing on-field duties and over at, MSC, the home team will encounter GCC with Ashook Bridgekumar and Yisrael in charge.



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