2 nd March, 2017; Georgetown:

Automobile Power Products will give a JIALING 250cc motorcycle to a lucky patron of the second half of the Stag Elite League (Season 2) together with jerseys and hats for others. This announcement was made by the company’s Marketing Manager, Romel Richmond, at a press presentation on March 2 held at its headquarters.

“This powerhouse (motorcycle) was superbly built with inverted shocks which offers that support and proper stabilization, and aluminum rims which make the bike altogether a quality product. Additionally, with its 250cc engine, that lucky winner will be sure to get to their destination on time.”


L-R Romel Richmond, Marketing Manager, Automobile Power Products giving an overview of the incentives offered by his company and Ian Alves, Competitions Director, GFF

Richmond also stated that Automobile Power Products will cover the cost of registration, fitness, road license, number plate, helmet and the first service of the winner of the motorcycle. Two lucky fans will also win jerseys and hats at every game.


GFF and Automobile Power products Representatives with the grand prize (JAILING 250cc) motorcycle

“At every half-time interval, we’ll have a trivia segment, we’ll be giving away caps and jerseys…we want you to feel appreciated for your support and we want to offer you something that you’ll use and find beneficial for your everyday usage.” (See Rules Below)


1. Attend any game and keep your ticket stub RULES: 1. All contestants must be 18 years and older

2. Chosen participants must be present at the final match for the motorcycle draw

3. Member Associations, representatives of participating teams/clubs, employees and relatives of staff of both GFF and Automobile Power Products are not eligible to participate

4. Automobile Power Products and GFF reserve the right to publish the winner/s of all incentives The second half of the League will commence on the 19th March.

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