1 st March, 2017; Georgetown: As part of the drive to encourage fan participation in the Stag Elite League (Season 2), Automobile Power Products will donate a motorcycle to a lucky patron. A press presentation of this cycle is scheduled for Thursday, 2 nd March, 2017 at Jialing Building, Charlotte and Oronoque Streets.

In attendance, will be Mr. Ian Alves, GFF Competitions Director and Mr. Romel Richmond, Marketing Manager of MARICS (Honda) The League Leaders tournament will begin with its first double-header, that is, Victoria Kings FC vs Buxton United FC and GDF FC vs Fruta Conquerors FC (Playoff # 1 and #2). This will be followed by Playoff # 3 and the finals which will feature Winner of # 1 Playoff vs Loser of # 2 Playoff and Winner of # 2 Playoff vs Winner of # 3 Playoff on dates to be announced.

You are invited to cover this event; please see details below:

DATE: Thursday, March 2 2017

TIME: 10:30hrs

VENUE: Automobile Power Products (First Floor, Jialing Building) 217 Charlotte and Oronoqie Streets


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