GFF/Stag Elite League rescheduled

The second-half of the Stag Elite League, originally scheduled to begin on Sunday with the League Leaders Tournament, has been rescheduled to February 26, March 1 and 5, respectively.

According to a release by the Guyana Football Federation (GFF), “This has become necessary to enable clubs which have acquired new players during the recent transfer period, a chance to adequately prepare for the tournament, while facilitating the promotion of the League.” The transfer period, which concluded on January 31, has seen a number of players being moved to various clubs across the country; with Fruta Conquerors FC acquiring the highest number of transfers.
The League Leaders Tournament will feature a double-header on February 26, that is, Victoria Kings FC vs Buxton United FC and Guyana Defence Force FC vs Fruta Conquerors FC (Playoff No 1 and No 2).  This will be followed by Playoff No 3 and the finals, which will feature Winner of No 1 Playoff vs Loser of No 2 Playoff on March 1, and Winner of No 2 Playoff vs Winner of No 3 Playoff on March 5, respectively.
The prizes for the ‘League Leaders’ Tournament are as follows: first prize – $1.5 million; second prize – $700,000; third prize – $500,000; fourth prize – $300,000.




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