CPL viewership grows at record pace

The Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) experienced a 44 per cent in viewership in 2016, the largest jump in viewership since its inaugural season in 2013.

According to CPL, last season was watched by more than 134 million viewers worldwide, up from the 93 million that watched last year and twice as many as those who tuned in in 2014. In its inaugural season in 2013, the CPL got 34 million viewers.

“Television figures from Sony SIX broadcast figures in India alone almost doubled from 44 million to 82 million, while there was also a significant rise in the United Kingdom arising from the partnership with broadcasters Dave / UK TV with audience figures growing from 548,000 (in 2015) to 2.5 million,” CPL said in a statement released on Thursday.

“The partnership with One World Sports in the USA, meanwhile, saw audience figures increase from 694,000 (2015) to 743,000.” The CPL also broke new ground in 2016 by becoming the first professional cricket league to stage matches in mainland USA and matches were viewed across more countries than ever before, with One World Sports (USA), Sony SIX (India), Dave / UKTV (UK), Sky (New Zealand), Fox Sports (Australia), EcoNet / KweseTV (sub-Saharan Africa) and OSN (Middle East) all showcasing the CPL.

Hero CPL also became the first sports league to supplement its existing broadcast deals and use the Facebook Live* platform to ensure that, for the first time ever in international cricket, 40 countries around the world, including the likes of Pakistan, South Africa and The Philippines, could view the biggest party in sport live. There were a further 5.3 million views on this platform across all 34 matches. “The release of these global viewership figures are a tremendous boost, not just for the game of cricket in the Caribbean, but for each of the local tourism boards and our loyal sponsors who invest so much in the development and marketing of the game,” said Damien O’Donohoe, CEO of the Hero CPL. “The profile of West Indies cricket has never been higher and 2016 was a memorable year with the Men’s senior and Under-19 sides, as well as the Women’s team, enjoying international success in the first half of the year.” O’Donohoe said that from its inception in 2013, HERO CPL was determined to showcase the very best of what the Caribbean has to offer, both on and off the field. He believes that the growth of the ‘biggest party in sport’ in 2016 has further enhanced this reputation. “We are immensely proud of the huge steps that the tournament has made in just four short years. Furthermore, we believe that there is even more to come in 2017 as we continue to attract the biggest names to the Caribbean and shine a spotlight on the incredible and unique culture that continues to thrive across the region.”


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