Grudge matches to light up Everest on Saturday night

Four softball teams, two tape ball teams and two hardball teams will feature in specially arranged grudge matches on Saturday evening under the floodlights at Everest Cricket Club for trophies and bragging rights. The high intensity matches will begin from 17:00h with the softball and tapeball games followed by the feature hardball match between Rockaway XI and Hyde Park from 20:00h.

In the opening fixtures, Maj X1 will take on New Doctors Clinic and Factory Price will meet Omesh X1 in the underhand, softball games while Telco Solutions and Outlaws will battle it out in the tapeball match bowling overhand.
The feature game is expected to bring lots of competition and excitement with some known names looking to make their presence felt. Hard hitting Hafeez “Mr. Rockaway” Ali will lead the star studded Rockaway team with former national youth players included. They will face stiff competition from the underdogs, Hyde Park who are lead by Imtiaz Sahik and include Ricardo Adams and Sase Narine.
Rockaway X1 will come from; Hafeez Ali. (Captain), Balram Airon, Sharaz Ramcharran, Safraz Esau, Hemraj Garbarran, Saheed Mohamed, Ishwar Singh, Imran Khan, Krishna Singh, Rayon Austin, Timothy Andrews, Balchan Baldeo, Zaheer Mohamed and Chanderpaul Hemraj.
Hyde Park will come from; Imtiaz Sahik (Captain), Sase Narine, Youghistir Bachan, Ucil Armstrong, Inshan Mohamed, Gibron Mohamed, Azim Mohamed, Mark Braithwaite, Ricardo Adams, Nicholas Chinku, Brian Herbert, Radman Nandkishore and Quincy Jones. Lall Bachan is the Manager.
Trophies for the entire event are sponsored by Factory Price of King Street, Georgetown, Trophy Stall of City Mall and on South Road and the Rockaway Group of New York.



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