Calvin MIng victorious in Race 2 of FIA Formula 4 NACAM CDMX

With a party atmosphere, the pilot of Guyana, Calvin Ming in the # 4 , won a narrow victory in Race 2 of FIA Formula 4 NACAM CDMX under the GP of Mexico at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez. 


In a career that had the presence twice the safety car, the first that just start the race which caused the arrest of it be a collision between the cars of Moses de la Vara , Jorge Herrera, Santiago Lozano and Jorge Abed . Which it delayed action for 15 minutes while the Marshallswithdrew the damaged cars. 

When the race was restarted released form, in turn 5 Circuit young poblana Alexandra Mohnhaupt Momo F4 , had to leave the test by a contact who broke the right rear suspension of his car. What motivated for the second time the entrance of the safety car.

When he left the green flag again, Calvin Ming (RAM Racing) went to the front of the pack to keep the lead, which was not easy because of the pressure exerted byJose Sierra del Telcel RPL Racing which kept the edge of their seats to fans who gathered at an early hour at the Hermanos Rodriguez.

In the third position yesterday’s winner, Alexis Carreño, who knew coming back out of the car stood Martiga EG the podium again. 

Luis Alfonso Perez del Telcel RPL Racing # 58 , managed to place himself at the 4 position due to a very good maneuver that kept him apart from the collision that left out Mohnhaupt.

The good note took the young Enzo Fittipaldi , with the car 74 who in his youth won the award “Rookie” of Race 2, ranking fifth. ”  Being in the FIA Formula 4 Nacam CDMX was amazing, has great drivers. I want to return, talking with sponsors to be present throughout the championship , “said the grandson of the legendary Emmerson Fittipaldi.

The winners podium of Race 2 was framed by great personalities who were responsible for presenting the awards to the top three positions, the Champion Emmerson Fittipaldi Formula 1 winner Calvin Ming . The second Jose Sierra was awarded by Javier Prorragas Interjet and third place was awarded by Adrian Fernandez, Alexis Carreño . And the presence of Eric Paradis Vice President of Circuit of The Americas COTA.

The next race of the FIA Formula 4 Nacam Championship to be held from December 2-4 at the Autódromo Miguel E. Abed in Amozoc, Puebla.


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