Payless Variety cycle race turns 5 on Saturday

The fifth edition of the Payless Variety Store-sponsored 11-race cycle programme will pedal off on the Inner Circuit of the National Park, Thomas Lands beginning at 9:00h.
National Cycling Coach Hassam Mohamed will be coordinating the event which is billed for this Saturday (October 29) and will feature rigid competition in the 35-lap featured Schoolboys, novices and Invitational cyclists’ race.

The country’s top wheelsmen are likely to turn out in their numbers as they look to dethrone last year’s winner, WS United rider, Andrew Hicks in the featured race. The likes of Team Cocos’ top peddlers, golden boy Hamza Eastman, Raynauth ‘Obeah Man’ Jeffrey, Stephano Husbands and past winner Junior Niles as well as Continental Wheelers’ Gerron Williams, Orville Hinds (Team Evolution), Raul Leal among others. Hicks would have raced to the trophy in a time of one hour, 26 minutes and seven seconds.
Last year Ronaldo Narine won the three-lap race for boys and girls 12-14 years of age. Second was Adeli Hodge. In the five-lap race for veterans under 50 years of age was won by Eon `Dumb Boy’ Jackson. Second was Jaikaran Sukhai and finishing third was Shameer Baksh, while John Niles won the two-lap race for BMX boys 6-9 years old ahead of Shane Sue-Han and Antoine Van Denburgh respectively. Sieon Chee won the two-lap race for BMX boys 9-12 years old ahead of Zab James and Sue-Han respectively, while Hodge won the three-lap race for the 12-14 age group.
The five-lap race for mountain bikers was won by Seon Budhan. Second was Nicholas Alphonso. A representative of Payless Variety Store will be on hand to witness the day’s proceedings as well as make the presentation of prizes to the respective winners.



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