Financial Issues Clouds WDCA Finals

Over the past 2 weeks there were 3 finals contested for West Demerara Cricket Association competitions at the Joe Veira Park . One final dating back to 2013 and the other two being for 2015 and 2016 respectively.

Firstly, the 2013 WDCA 40 Over tournament which was played in its almost entirety during the said year, that final was played between Meten Meer Zorg West and Independence SC on 16th October 2016. Meten Meer Zorg West emerged victorious and were presented with a trophy and GYD $40,000, an amount which isn’t even half of the amount which was announced at the initiation of the competition back in 2013.

On Sunday 23rd October 2016, the final of the 2015 WDCA 20/20 tournament was contested after one year of postponement , Cornelia Ida clashed with Wales CDC in a game that was slated to commence at 9am. However, officials and groundsmen did not turn up to the facility until 10am, thus forcing a truncated game of 15 overs per side. This tournament also had a prize of GYD$100,000 and trophy, as was understood when it was launched back in 2015. Winners Cornelia Ida Cricket Club merely received a trophy as a token of their efforts for about 10 games.

In the second final of the day on Sunday 23rd October 2016, Zeeburg Sports Club came up against All Youths Sports Club. Zeeburg emerging the victors in that clash, they also only received a mediocre trophy . With them being the 2016 WDCA Champions, the GYD$100,000 which was supposed to be awarded to the winners , was again not present or accounted for.

So one wonders that over the course of 3 years and 3 competitions , where teams have spent thousands of dollars for balls, umpire fees , groundsman and transportation to participate in the WDCA, where has the winners rewards vanished to ? An urgent intervention is needed into this situation to encourage that cricket will continue to be played on the West Demerara.

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