Ming ends F1600 season with yet another podium finish

In what can already be deemed a tremendous debutant season for Calvin Ming in the Formula 1600 series, Ming added the icing to the cake on Sunday at the Virginia International Raceway when he finished second in the 21st and final race of the series.
Ming, who narrowly missed the podium with two fourth place finishes on the earlier rounds on Friday and Saturday required a photo finish to determine the winner, as himself and championship winner, Neil Verhagen, were too close to call at the chequered flag.
However Neil, who drives for team K-Hill had the benefit of drafting off Calvin heading to the final corner.

Ming in action during one of his races

Ming in action during one of his races

When Guyana Times Sport spoke to Ming’s correspondents in Virgina by virtue of them receiving support from Mings Products and Services, BM Soat, National Sports Commission, Buy Me Auto Sales and Coffee Bean Eatery, the driver had stated that it was a great experience.
Ming said, “It was a good experience to finish on the podium again and a good way to end the season,” adding, “I Think the season overall for my first year in USA was really good; I learned a lot and I’m just looking forward to 2017.”
The driver, who finished a close fourth overall in the Championship behind K-Hill drivers Verhagen, Peter Portante and team mate Phillippe Denes was full of praise for his team.
“It was a good season with them, Team Pelfrey; they have helped me out so much with the coaching, the mechanics, I can’t give them enough thanks.”
“The line-up of drivers this year, where everyone was so talented. We had a good set of drivers with us; everyone brought something different to the table so it was a good learning experience.”
While he may not have won the Championship, Ming derives that many positives came out of the championship.
“Originally, when we started the F1600, we did it so we can learn as much as we can going forward into the higher championships from next year, what I take away from next year is a lot of car control,” Ming said, adding, “What people know or may not know is that the F1600 don’t have any down force with no wings so I’ll take away all like the car experience I’ve learnt here.”
Ming is now expected to undergo testing with INDYCAR for a new formula car next year.

First Published in Guyana Times


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