Is West Demerara Cricket Association alive?

For the past three to four years cricket in the West Demerara area has been a stand still. One tournament a year, a T20 competition and that is it, they are no other competitions held. When I look in the newspaper and read about other areas playing cricket in all formats, 40 overs, 50 overs, 2 day competitions. I sit and wonder why is it that we, on the West Demerara, do not get to play that much cricket.

Is it because we do not produce outstanding cricketers? Or do we not have the facilities to hold such competitions? How can we determine good players from just one T20 competition a year? Not enough umpires?

We somehow still manage to produce some excellent cricketers over the years even with our mediocre T20 tournament and West Demerara Cricket Association. But these guys ply their skills elsewhere and not just for their West Demerara teams. This is the only way they would get some sort of recognition.

But mind you, not everyone has the opportunity to play for a club in Georgetown, some of these players work and are too busy to go play for a club. But let me tell you, I have seen talent in quite a few but the lack of proper cricket tournament.. No.. the lack of cricket playing on the West Demerara hinder these players from showing their true ability.

There was once a time where cricket tournaments were played so often that teams did not have the chance to play friendly matches. Every weekend they were cricket tournaments, multiple tournaments. Now it seems like friendly matches are the only matches teams are playing now. No one get recognition for those matches and players tend to lose interest in the game and eventually quit playing at an early age.

One thing I have noticed is that the few competition games only one umpire turns up and requests that someone go out and just be the square leg umpire. Which is unfair because that person might be bias to one side. Also some of these umpires favour teams and certain players, making it difficult for other players to get a fair chance in the game.

From Meten-meer- Zorg to Canal and Wales they are many grounds to facilitate cricket tournaments but the grounds are not well kept. The NDC’s seem to don’t care about the ground as it left with waist height grass. The West Demerara Cricket Association used to send slashers to ground to keep the ground in order, now, nothing is being done.

Nothing of any sort is being done. The last cricket tournament was earlier part of this year, a T20 competition and to date no other tournament has started. What are the board doing with the finances they received? When will cricket become cricket again on the West Demerara? Small Island like Wakenaam have many various cricket tournament throughout the year and here we are stuck with one mediocre T20 cricket for the entire year. Please we want to play cricket again.


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