Calvin Ming opens FIA Fórmula 4 México Championships with a Podium finish

Austin, Texas, USA – Circuit of The Americas in Texas, USA was the opening round of a total of 8 rounds featuring 24 races in the 2nd F4 Nacam Championships. This past weekend saw just about all kinds of weather that the racers had to endure on the 3.410 Mile technical track at the wheel of these 1.6 Litre Ford EcoBoost engines riding on the MyGale Chassis on Pirelli tires.
# 4, Calvin Ming of Team Ming of Guyana qualified in 4th but, quickly moved up a couple of positions on the first lap of start of race #1 as he continued his quest towards the front. Unfortunately, mid-way through the race, he experience gearbox shifting issues which caused him to lose a few seconds per lap but, he babied the car around to a 3rd place finish as he was passed in the late stages. The race was won by #2, Jose Sierra with #4, Ming about 14 seconds behind.
Race #2, The young Guyanese started in the 5th position but, shortly after the drop of the green flag, it began raining which made it difficult for the drivers’ to find traction as the field had all selected slicks. Even though, #4, Ming was on slicks on a wet surface, he made his way to the front of the 14 car field and led for a couple of laps.
However, by the mid-way point of the race, the skies opened up and it began to pour which made some drivers’ make a mad dash for the pits to switch to rain tires. Ming had no choice but, to make a pit stop 1 lap later for the rain tires but, it was a bit too late as the other drivers’ had gained significantly on him and the lead pack. Nonetheless, # 4, Ming finished in 3rd overall, which was about 1:25 behind the race winner, # 7, Andres Gutierrez.
Race #3 saw much better conditions under overcast skies with much closer racing than the first 2 races. # 4, Calvin Ming was always in the thick of things throughout the race but, by the time the checkered flag was shown, he finished in 6th place but, was only about 8 seconds behind race winner, # 7, Andres Gutierrez who won for the second consecutive time and now takes a commanding lead in the driver’s Championships towards the 3nd F4 Nacam Championships.

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