CMRC 2016 Round two Matthew Vieira cleans house

Mechanical woes continue for Jeffrey

MATTHEW Vieira cleaned up in Trinidad and Tobago when the second round of the Caribbean Motor Racing Association’s (CMRA) Championships rolled into the Frankie Boodram International Raceway.Vieira was unrelenting in his romp to a perfect day which included sweeping the field of 19 riders inclusive of Barbadians, Jamaicans and Trinidadians as well his countrymen. On all three occasions, the younger Vieira demoted his older cousin Stephen to second. Steven was made to fight for those positions but in the end, it was Matthew who came out on top.
Matthew completed the perfect day by snagging the champion biker award for the round as well as setting the fastest CMRC Lap time at the Circuit, a staggering 41.356.
Elliot Vieira on the other hand saw his championship run cease in dismal form as a crash on qualifying day left his bike damaged and unable to compete on race day.
Both Kevin Persaud and Heeranand Boodram finished creditably to close off the day for the bikers.
Elsewhere, in the group four all-wheel drive division Kristian Jeffrey suffered even more mechanical troubles as he is yet to register a point in his defence of the 2016 championship.
He fell out of the first race of the day with an engine trouble and returned in the second only to be ruled out for the remainder of the day. In his absence, Doug Gore ruled the roost with three wins from three races.
On the two wheel drive end, Mohan Rangasammy and Danny Persaud garnered important points for the country but could not handle Barbadian Mark Maloney who also stacked up three wins for his country, the Champion driver award as well as the two wheel drive lap record which stands at 39.104.
On the Group three end of things, Persaud joined forces for Afraz Allie to with only Persaud seeing the podium in the first race. Hometown hero Paul Vieira swooped up two of the three wins while Barbadian Steve King picked up one
. Both men shared the champion driver trophy with 50 points each but it was David Lyons who bagged the fastest lap, a 41.48 time.
Lyons, in the last race of the day however ploughed through the crowd during the final corner of the track, seriously injuring four spectators.
Group two saw Shan Seejattan battling valiantly for his country but he was no match for the local’s Mark ‘doc’ Williams who picked up first on all three occasions, leaving Seejattan to three second positions and the host’s Luke Bhola to third in all three races.
The fastest lap of that group however belong to another Marc of Trinidad, Marc Gill with a 44.535.
The team returned home yesterday.



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