Medas-King continues to make headlines in the US

Nine to ten year old athlete Kcaysha Medas-King has been burning up the track in the United States of America over last weekend as the makes a name for herself as, if not the fastest, among the fastest in her age group in that country.
She stormed to victory in the 100m, 200m and 400m at the USATF Hershey’s Outdoor Championships and the Millersville University, Millersville facility in Pennsylvania to crown a highly successful weekend. Dubbed the ‘finisher’ by the commentator during the 100m, the young lass, who was born in the US to Guyanese parents Andy and Christine, Kcaysha took charge of the race just after the halfway mark and powered home, beating into second place Tori Okorodudu, with Kim’Dyn Thomas third. Her triumphs at the meet make her a three time champion at the Hershey’s event.
She described the races as hard but said she pushed herself and the results were the victories. The young lady noted that during the 400m, coming around the turn she wanted to slow down but knew she couldn’t and stayed on the gas and claimed the gold. In the 100m she said it was a straight line and I just ran, while she was amazed by her win in the 200m.
Kcaysha will now focus on the Junior Olympic US National event to be held later this month in Sacramento California. She said she aims to win the races she competes in at that meet where all the leading young athletes in the United States will lay it all out on the track, and this youngster has major designs on coming out on top when all is settled.



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