DVA Inter-school volleyball

St Roses’s are Georgetown Zone Champions

After an exciting match against Marian Academy St Roses finished the zone unbeaten and also champions. They earned themselves a spot in the regional finals.

Skipper Akil Vaughn had a dominant game when the defeated an exciting Marian Academy who was lead by Brazilain star player 16 year old Alexandre de Paiva Almeida which finished 15 – 14 in St Roses favour. They brushed aside St Stanislaus College with ease 25 – 8.

Queens College booked the second spot in the finals having only lost one match and it was against the Champs St Roses. They dominated St Stanislaus College 25 – 10 before they rub shoulders against Marian Academy who they eventually overcame 17 – 14.

In a match to determine the final team to book a spot for the final, Marian Academy took on Bishops High School. What a game it was as both teams traded the lead over and over in the 10 minutes they had for the game. Marian Academy booked the final spot for the final in the last minute of play.

Earlier, Bishops, who missed out on the final spot to Marian Academy whipped through Guyana Trust College 22 – 15. Guyana Trust College only victory came against St Stanislaus College 18 – 15. St Stanislaus College finished the day without a win, falling victims to St Roses High and Guyana Trust College.




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